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Realtors Getting Huge Fines On Hiring Drone Pilots Without FAA Certification

Real estate agents need FAA license to fly drones or huge fines


To be in any kind of profession, one must need official permission and legal permit in the form of certificate any other document. Without this, the world and duty you are performing are considered illegal. Similarly, the trend of using drones in the real estate market for commercialization and marketing upgrade is increasing day by day. People need an FAA license or certification to be a professional drone pilot for real estate. In the real estate industry, if you hire someone who does not have the right certification from the FAA then you might get fined for it. FAA fines huge sums of money in form of penalties so it is always ideal to avoid uncertified drone pilots.

What Does The Law Say About Uncertified Drone Pilots

With the increasing trend of drone marketing, people have started to use illegal ways to get maximum advantage. Hiring an unlicensed drone pilot is risky not only for the company but for the person himself. According to the law, per violation, the pilot will have to pay $11000 and the person who hires the pilot and plans the operation will have to pay $11000 as a penalty to FAA. Moreover, the entire burden is usually laid on the client who hires the uncertified pilot for the commercial project. In the commercial and industrial market, licensing yourself is considered under “Part 107 License”. This license is important not only for the bigger projects but for basic and small drone projects on the ground and in the air as well. The amount of money which has to be given as a penalty is fixed for every incident (whether it is minor or major).

In some cases, the client can face the penalties that are 10 times greater than that of the unlicensed pilot. For example, if you have Little Timmy Down the Street fly over 4 houses for you, he could face fines of up to $4,400, while you’re stuck taking out a second mortgage to cover your fines of $44,000.

The penalty is not only limited to the certification. Even if the certified pilot flies in a careless and reckless manner, he/she will have to pay criminal and civil penalties along with the jail time. For the civil penalties, FAA charges usually $27,500. For the criminal penalties, $250,000 is charged by the FAA.

Conclusion and Suggestion

Instead of hiring a drone pilot, you can also get yourself registered and licensed for the Drone flying. It can reduce the chances of penalties under certain circumstances. Similarly, registering yourself will be something like protecting your company and yourself at the same time. Hiring a professional and experienced drone pilot might look expensive in the first place, but it will be better than hiring an amateur pilot who can increase the risk of incidents. Moreover, an amateur pilot who is not licensed can never provide you with those professional services and high-quality drone photographs and videos which can be given by a professional and experienced person. Unlicensed drone pilots can put your business and customers at risk. If you are in need of certified and professional drone pilots then you can hire them from many different companies throughout the States. Drone and Photo, Florida Keys Photography, Key Largo Real Estate Videos and Miami Drone Company are some of the companies that can provide with the best photography for your piece of land or building. These are some of the most trusted companies in the market that are known to have professional and FAA certified staff.


Jul 10, 2022

Has this been proven with substantial referential evidence? In my research I can only seem to find articles on what appears to be a "copy/paste" of the same claim over and over, never really showing any true validation that this can (and did) occur. Thanks for any references you can share to confirm.

Ryan Shipp
Ryan Shipp
Nov 12, 2022
Replying to

Also, a note for the website owner... Using the FAA's logo on your website is a no-no. Probably ought to remove that sooner than later.

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