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5 Ways to Effectively Use Video to Promote your listing

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

5 Ways to Effectively Use Video to Promote your listing- Google and Bing search are more and more preferring video and you need to get ahead of the curve to get more buyers and sellers buy posting video in more places than one. Social media is a great way to help real estate agents reach an audience that is large at the right place and the appropriate timing. Listing videos receive 403 percent more inquiries than listings without videos. If a local company is trying to break into a competitive market, video production and optimization could be an important growth factor.

Whether you're beginning from scratch or are trying to know how you can gain leads through video marketing, we've got your back to effectively using video to market real estate.

1. Using Video On Websites to Boost Listings

Do you hate Zillow stealing all your leads from buyer home searches in Islamorada or Homestead, Florida? It is time to fight back with property listing videos. Google is preferring video content for searches and your website will rocket to the top of results with real estate listing videos and home buyer information videos. Your video can also combine as written content and video content by simply transcribing it to a word document with a fast and easy services such as Rev.com.

When your real estate photography company delivers the video, first upload it on your Facebook page and YouTube channel.. Add the transcript in the description and instantly get more eyes on your listings and websites. Embed your YouTube video link on your website and also include your website in the description so when buyers find you in search results they can call or email you directly. Below is an example of a real estate video in Homestead created by us, droneandphoto.com, showing up at the top of the search results! WOW! Ahead of Zillow!

2. Facebook for real estate

To begin, set up your business page to get started on Facebook. It's more formal than posting to your account. It also grants access to beneficial business tools like page analytics as well as the ability to advertise your posts to your target audience. FB Real estate marketing Videos and images work best, so make certain to incorporate compelling images into every post you publish.

There is a Facebook algorithm that prefers postings with high engagement, and so you should. You can ask questions to encourage comments or post content people will find interesting. For example, they will like an upcoming event in your area and are likely to share. If you're beginning and don't have a huge number of followers on social media, organizing an event to draw attention to your real estate site can be a great way to increase your followers.

3. Instagram for real estate

Instagram is recognized as one of the most well-known social media platforms. Since it is a visual platform, every post needs to be visually captivating. Make sure to use the caption and the image to give more details and include your contact details. One IG Real estate marketing post could be made from pictures, which is ideal for displaying the latest property listing video.

4. Generate Leads with Office Video Display

Do you work out of a real estate office in a good location? Get more walk-ins by grabbing the attention of buyers with a video display in the window. While great real estate photos can help in getting the attention of prospective buyers, a video is the perfect tool to capture their attention and keep them engaged long enough to walk in the office and ask to schedule a showing. Listing videos can also show off property amenties with drone clips and the town or city the property is located. If you have a listing video in the Redlands with a waterfall pool, horses and beautiful landscaping, a video can help capture the enchantment of the property. They also serve as an advertisement and display your contact information.

5. Video News Letter

Emails newsletters are not enough to get the attention of clients anymore, really get their attention with a viceral video news letter that is easy to digest and enjoyable to view. Creating these newsletters is not hard at all these days with automation platforms such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact that have drag and drop templates.

First extract your email list from your account of all the people you have been messaging over the years. You can easily search on YouTube how to do this but make sure to include what platform your email is used with such as GMail or Office 365. Once you have the emails in a spreadsheet, go through them to make sure information is correct and these are all business clients you want to send the real estate video news letter to. Finish setting up your template making sure you have custom fields like the customer name and company. It is more personal to address clients by their name and they are more likely to respond. The video is the main focus and written content should be at a minimum except if there is a video transcript of words said in the real estate video. Always send a test email to yourself and thouroughly check before you send this to your list. Send away and await the results. These automation platforms also provide thorough analytics to see what worked and did not to modify the next campaign.

Why should a real estate agent utilize social media?

There are a variety of efficient marketing methods to choose from. What are the reasons why social media should be at the top of your mind when you plan your marketing strategies for digital?

A majority of buyers employed tablets or smartphones to gather information about properties. It is possible to claim that a large percentage of those buyers were, in fact, young people. Younger and older millennials account for 32% of home buyers, putting them first on the list.


You are not using your listing videos to their full potential and it is time to start right away. Are you motivated to begin using or optimizing social media to increase inquiries to your property firm? Make sure that every method you employ assists you in achieving your goals and is focused on delivering value to your intended audience. Don't be afraid of experimenting with various strategies. It's impossible to know what your target audience will think of you. If you have any questions email me at alex@droneandphoto.com and I am happy to assist.


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