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Introducing Zillow 3D Tours

Zillow 3D Home Tours are an exciting addition to the real estate marketing landscape and are a great way to make your listing pop. With other services such as signature walkthrough videos, Zillow provides maximum promotion and exposure on the most popular real estate search sites.

Let's look at the features of Zillow 3d tours of homes 2022.

Zillow Home

Users upload 360-degree panoramas of each house room through Zillow's app by taking 360-degree panoramic photos. After the pictures had been uploaded, Zillow stitched them together to create a virtual tour in just a few hours and added it to the listing. This application allows you to take photos directly from your iPhone.

Auxiliary equipment

It is compatible with cameras that are capable of taking 360-degree images. Furthermore, a mobile device and the proprietary Zillow Home App are required. Images are captured immediately uploaded to Zillow, so it is highly recommended that you have an Internet connection.

Software and method of capture

The number of navigational hotspots you want to present to your viewers depends solely on how many hotspots you would like to present (8 feet is not required). There is certainly potential in the mobile app that is used to sync with their platform, but the few improvements that have been made over the past five years raise some questions regarding the future innovation of this platform.

Visualization for consumers

Viewing a 3D model in Zillow's 3D home is impossible. View 360-degree images by clicking on hotspots on a 2D floor plan. Thumbnail images of scenes can dominate the field of view on some devices and distract from the viewing experience depending on the device.

Qualitative rendering

It is directly related to the quality of the image that is captured by the 360-degree device. If images are captured using a non-360 camera (e.g., a mobile device), there is a high risk of poor image quality.

Features of the platform

The most compelling features of Zillow 3d tours are the listing preference on Zillow's search results and the free hosting.

3D tour approach

By taking a simpler approach to virtually walking through a home than the industry standard 3D modeling services such as Matterport, which we also offer, the Zillow 3D Home Tour puts a simplified twist on the concept of 3D modeling. With this option, one point in each room is captured rather than dozens or hundreds of scan points, allowing the viewer to understand better the layout and feel of the home from around the house.


Zillow actively promotes properties with their 3D Home Tour available on the listing and provides prospective buyers with a new and exciting viewing experience. This, along with our walkthrough videos, allows us to maximize exposure and promotion through Zillow's platform without spending much money on advertising.


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