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Increase Home Listing Visibility with Video Tours: Effective Strategies for Real Estate Exposure

Updated: May 15, 2023

If your home is on the market longer than anticipated, something is most likely not right. While there is a strong likelihood that the rapid increase in the cost of property and low sentiment among buyers have kept buyers away, there are times that a lack of exposure for your listing can make it difficult to get the attention of potential buyers.

The listing of a property on a site isn't enough when you consider the amount of competition. You must include all relevant information to maximize exposure for the property. Here are a few easy strategies that can assist you in getting more exposure and help you increase the visibility of your home.

Creating a Video Tour

Many real estate portals have recently added the ability to upload a short video of the property. Video tours of the house are more authentic and aid in indexing the property and increasing the search engine visibility.

When making your property rental video, ensure that you showcase the significant or appealing areas that your home has to offer. Additionally, you should add keyword-rich titles and descriptions to the video before uploading it to the portal for property owners.

What makes video tours powerful?

· To clarify things, It's simpler to explain the size of a home.

· Make more appointments. Videos (sent via email or social media) are 40% more likely to be opened, 37% more likely to be clicked, and three times more likely to elicit a response.

· Time-saving: Once created videos are shared, they can be reused as well as you can include personal introductions that make older videos appear fresh.

· Accelerate deals by resolving issues faster, showing more facilities, and creating an emotional relationship.

How to Make a Video Tour

Use the Right Equipment

With smartphones and videography applications such as Level and ProCamera, getting an amazing quantity of real estate video marketing done is possible. These apps allow you to adjust your position and lighting.

If you're looking for high-definition photos or videography of real estate, you will need a DSLR or mirrorless counterpart.

Devote your time to pre-production.

As said by video creator Mat King, you must spend approximately 50% of your time preparing, 20% of your time filming, and 30% editing.

The longer you are organizing, staging the room, altering lighting, testing microphones, and thinking about the distribution of the room, the faster it goes.

Appropriate Audience Appearance

Dress in clothes that make your appearance more appealing to the people you're trying to reach. For people who rarely put on suits, an agency dressed formally may be disturbing. For professionals who prefer to wear suits, an agent wearing plaid shorts and flip-flops could appear unprofessional.


Video can lead to faster interactions, meetings, and more residential and commercial real estate deals. The process is as easy as simply taking your phone out and pressing the record. You can also hire a local Real Estate video tour company to make a professional and well crafted video for your home listing.


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