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Pick the best room with a resort's Matterport showcase

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

It is the world of technology, and technology has revolutionized the world with the new advancements that never stop. Matterport tours are also an example of winning technology. Matterport is a new trend in the internet market that replaced the standard 360 tours. We are here to have a thorough introduction to this eye-opening technology. We will help you to understand the facts about it and hope this article will educate you about a new trend in the market. With no further delays, let’s get started!

What are the Matterport tours?

Matterport tours are just like real tours. It is just like the 3D visual tour, but the technology involved with Matterport makes you feel like you are actually present at the place which you are touring. These Matterport tours are used by many website owners and real estate managers to showcase their location and the property to the buying/renting party. Moreover, some hotels and resorts also use this technology to attract customers to online booking.

How does it work?

Matterport tours help the resort owner to generate a fantastic visual trip for their hotel or resort through which they make their hotel or location clearly visible to the viewer. When people want to go to a place for spending their vacations, they book the room of the resort through these Matterport tours. They check the details of the room and book it if they like the place. Matterport tours have made it much easier for the tourist to book rooms because they don’t have to face any troubles finding the best place to stay at their vacation destination.

Benefits of using Matterport tours for resorts:

There is a massive list of benefits that both the resort owner and the tourists to can enjoy through Matterport tours. Although we can’t mention all of them here, we are going to mention some of them, which will help you, choose the resort Matterport tour for your customers’ satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction:

The first benefit of using resort Matterport tours is that you are able to arrange a 360 resort showcase, through which customers can get to know what type of facilities you are offering at your resort. It makes it easier for them to choose whether they should book your place or not. If you are providing the best facilities, then you should be confident many tourist from other states would book your resort rooms.

Ease of use:

As far as customers are concerned, we know that booking a resort on the destination can be a bit tiresome, navigating through the different markets to find a room that has all the facilities you need. You, as a customer can eradicate this issue by choosing the resort that manages a 360 resort showcase to visit the resort before actually being there. It will save you time in the journey, and you will enjoy the destination more than just worrying about getting a reasonable room in the resort.

This Matterport tour was for Hawk's Cay Realty. If you are interested in purchasing a place like this Matterport Tour above contact Maggie Crowley at 305-923-5658, if you are interested in renting a unit contact the resort reservations at 305-743-7000.


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