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How virtual renovations sell homes faster, for more $$$

Virtual renovation is the latest trend in real estate marketing. It is using innovative 3D design editing to modify structural elements of a home. You can have virtual remodeling used for bathroom remodeling, flooring/paint changes, kitchen remodeling, drywall/ceiling updates, furniture changes and exterior modifications such as adding a pool and patio furniture. A photo showing how the room in the home can look when finished helps buyers to visualize the true potential of the space and boost the property appeal overall.

I personally have done virtual renovations for clients for different reasons to help sell a home. For example one real estate agent was listing an antique home that needed work. This home was in a prime location and was listed at 1.5 million dollars and the agent wanted to show sellers how it could look. A virtual renovation achieved her desire by presenting what the remodeled kitchen and bathroom could look like and it looked REAL. Another example is a realtor was selling an unfinished home and wanted to display how it was going to look after it was finished. The virtual renovation is what he needed to help sell the home and it was pleasing for the builder as well. Now the builder will call him for similar projects to list.

Over 90% of buyers find it much easier to visualize a virtually furnished property as their future home according to padstyler.com and the editor can make the design and style match your needs and can match the style in other photos you send. If you have blueprints to go off of, that is perfect for whomever carries out the virtual remodeling. The editor can place cabinetry, light fixtures, furniture, sinks, baths and more where they are going to be in the finished home.

"Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are likely the most common, since those are big hot buttons for buyers," says Phoenix-based HomeSmart agent Kellie Parten. "And it's sometimes difficult to imagine the face-lift that a new kitchen or bathroom can give a space without 'seeing' it. Virtual renovation photos help a buyer to see a new possibility."

Virtual renovation allows us to virtually remove or repair in-home items that may not be 100 percent ready to go live on the MLS. Whether your tenants did not follow the pet guidelines, the contractor was not in time for repairs or you want to bring life to a vacant home, this is your best option. Call/Text 305-440-0738 or email guru@droneandphoto.com. Thank you for reading :)


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