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Growing Real Estate Market In The Upper Keys

Updated: Dec 26, 2019


Upper Keys such as Islamorada and Key Largo are located in Florida. Not only it forms one of the largest states in the United States, Florida is densely populated as well. Florida is a land composed of swamps, coastline, and islands. It is a multi-cultural state having European, African and Latin influences which means it is not confined to a single culture only. This is reflected through different aspects of life including food, buildings and daily life routines. People from different cultures have started accommodating here. Rising rates of population means the real estate needs to be effective and efficient as well. Good employment opportunities in the state leads to a stronger housing market. However, the market of real estate continuously changes in Florida as some areas are more popular than others.

Key Largo Real Estate:

Kim B.Thaler is one of the founders of real estate in Florida Keys. She is the one who looks for the sales of Middle and Upper Keys of Florida including Key Largo’s real estate. Also, she looks for the state in Islamorada. She is the owner of properties in Florida Keys and her business degree builds up her knowledge of real estate. The total listings in the Upper Keys of Florida are up to 575. Upper Key houses are supposed to be looked in areas of Key Largo real estate and Islamorada real estate market. Key Largo is an island in the Upper Keys of Florida as well as a town. In Key Largo, a total of 668 homes are available and the price ranges from $10.9K to $95Million. Eight schools are located in Key Largo, including high schools, private and charter schools and middle schools. The neighborhoods in Key Largo sum up to 6.

Islamorada Real Estate:

Islamorada is one of the renowned areas which are present in the Florida Keys. It offers fishing and is among the fishing bases in world. There are several keys which lie under Islamorada real estate. This includes Windley Key, Plantation key and Upper and Lower Matecumbe Keys. It is composed of a total of six islands and provides attractions for tourists. Islamorada rentals provide spaces for rents and are 65 in total. According to the current statistics of Islamorada real estate market, there have been listings of 106 homes. The prices range from $425,000 to $18,000,000. Thus, the average price of homes is $2,399,955. All condos are summed up to 44. Condos are more like an apartment and could be sold independently. They have a price of $674,593 at average. The maximum price of a condo is $3,350,000 and minimum price of $229,900. There are a total of 53 communities in Islamorada. Waterfront homes and waterfront condos are too a part of Islamorada real estate.


The above information is the analysis of the recent statistics of the real estates in Florida. The Upper Keys of Florida including Islamorada and Key Largo have well-established real estates. They include homes and condos which help a large number of people to accommodate in these areas. The affordability of these areas is made easier by offering a range of prices.


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