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Get Maximum Value For Your Home With These Tips

These tips for real estate marketing will help get your property sold fast!
Tips to sell your home online

Using video to show your house for sale is nothing new. Although most sellers still do not use this medium to promote their home. In this article, we present you the latest creative ideas in this area and give you tips on how to prepare a video to sell your home.

Undoubtedly, showing a hyper-lapse of your house for sale will attract attention, and at the same time, it will give a more realistic image of your home than when you simply show photos. Although, due to the speed, it makes us a little dizzy and neither does it invite us to watch the video again.

Others go even further; turning the promotional video into a real short. It is staging in the most literal way. Do you already see yourself preparing the ideal script to sell your apartment?

Attracting attention is not your only goal when you sell your house. It is also about showing the most attractive side of your home. And it is also about showing its distribution, its most attractive points, the light that enters, the views it has etc. Both virtual tours and videos can be very effective ways of illustrating all these points, which are not so easy to teach using static photos.

If these examples have inspired you, let us give you some tips for making a good video:

#1 If you do it, do it right

Undoubtedly, it will be best to hire a professional, since an expert will be able to present your house in a better way than you. At Drone and Photo, we can help you with this. In the case that you want to try it on your own, you have to be honest with yourself.

If the result does not meet the objective (show your house in the best possible way), better not to use it. A poorly made video can have worse repercussions than not showing a video. A simple thing but with significant effect: try using a tripod or a high table, so that a shaky video does not come out.

#2 Have a plan

As with everything, plan before you start. What do you want to show about your flat? What is the best in your house? In what order do you want to teach it? If you don't have a good plan, the video will look very homemade.

#3 It is showcase video, not a movie

We don't want to see every corner of your house, or what's inside your closets. It is about showing the essential rooms so that it motivates you to contact and visit the real house. Think of a duration of one and a half minutes or at most two minutes.

#4 Tag your video

If you want your video to appear when someone searches for a home for sale, try tagging it with keywords. For example, a modern studio for sale in Palmetto, Florida, Easy to Access, Completely refurbished, Ideal for a single or young couple, Includes terrace.

#5 Promote it

Upload the video to YouTube or if you prefer Vimeo and then publish this link on all social networks and ask your environment to do the same.

And finally, the most important thing: apply the Home Staging techniques. Although your video may be the most professional, if the editing is not done right, it will not leave the desired impact. Start with these tips before starting the video:

· Repair or fix any imperfect transition

· Clean your house deeply

· Order it (remove everything that buyer should not see)

· Neutralize it (remove all personal items)

· Refine the decoration

We hope this article be helpful. If you need help to record your home in a way that makes it sell faster, look no further! Drone and Photo is here for you!


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