Fly the drone indoors?

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Technically, it is not complicated in theory to fly a drone indoors as long as there is enough space for the drone to fly safely, both for people and the environment. Flying indoors does take practice. Flying indoors is smoother than a gimbal, with no footsteps, but it is more dangerous, has the inability to change lens and limited with the drones camera capabilities.

The drone takes off and makes low flights over the property at different heights, smoothly transitioning from room to room. They drone is equipped with a high quality cameras and can stay in the air at different heights, making different shots and video at different planes. Depending on the home, you can shoot indoors, either in flight or with the help of special supports.

Using a gimbal for recording your property indoors can be tiresome with heavy equipment and everything must be calibrated correctly. Those are the reason why we only use professional drone video capture to record your real estate professionally indoors (although we use a gimbal and/or Steadicam as well). In fact, this method has let us help generate $10,000,000 in real estate sales in 2019 alone.

What are the advantages of aerial photographs and videos?

You will get images and videos from a completely different angle than you're used to seeing with maximum quality and uniqueness. It draws the attention of potential clients, showing a villa for sale or a plot of land from a new and innovative perspective.

The flexibility offered by professional drones is maximum to overcome physical and structural obstacles, where a person or another device could not access (roofs, structures under construction, high ceilings, etc). The limitations disappear and we can show the best angle of your property from the ground to the clouds.

Other advantages are:

· It is a fast, dynamic system with high visual impact.

· Because the price is affordable and the results spectacular.

· Videos with drones are the best way to show a villa for sale in the Florida Keys, a house, a mansion or a piece of land, and it could be the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.

Drone and Photo is a Miami-based company and official drone operator that has focused on the real estate sector. Our team sees enormous potential for the use of this technology as a form of promotion and marketing. The images and filming of unique buildings, construction sites, villas for sale and homes filmed in flight and from different levels will make the offer much more attractive for both the potential buyer and the owners. It offers a vision of the promotion agile and modern real estate.

In a world ruled by social networks and the internet, where we have all become "visitors" and "viewers", all information tends to be minimized and everything is shown in a much more dynamic and fast way. We are convinced that real estate agents that incorporate this technology will offer a much more complete service to their customers when selling a home in the Florida Keys their real estate sales strategies will differ from their competitors by providing a huge added value to its customers.