Real estate marketing is extremely competitive because online listings account for the majority of the leads. Almost every prospective buyer today begins their search online.  That’s why differentiating property listings with the best photography and video pays off. in 2019, the latest marketing weapon in Florida Keys real estate is the use of dramatic camera drone photography & video tours in online listings. Some agents claim that drones are the most important new technology to enter real estate marketing since the internet according to bestdroneforthejob.com.


Make the main image of your listings intriguing, standing apart from the others and drawing in the maximum amount of clicks. A drone photo or video will show off your property like nothing else. Display the large property, scenic views, privacy, swimming pool and other features from the high angle of the drone view. We shoot all of our images in high resolution and video in 4K for maximum quality. 


9 times out of 10 the first photo a buyer sees is an exterior shot. Whether it is better from a bird's eye view or on the ground, we are committed to uncovering the best angle to sell your home. We identify the unique architectual features of the home, surrounding natural areas and important elements including pools, statues, water amenities.


small details. In the kitchen, bowls filled with fresh fruit create an attractive, colorful eyepiece. Place vases filled with fresh flowers in the bedrooms and dining room. Put candles in the bathroom. Small touches make homes feel more inviting.


Living Rooms Make the Ultimate Portrait. Comfort, relaxation, watching the favorite game and spending time with family make the living room one of the most used places in a house. Having Drone and Photo shoot your home will allow us to maximize the size and comfort of the room with our stablizer video scenes.


Give your real estate client the luxury of a fabulous master bedroom on their first impression of your listing online. People enjoy spacious rooms and there is no better way to show it off then with the professionals at Drone and Photo maximizing the size of your bedroom.  This is the ultimate DREAM and you can find inspiration on air and online at HGTV


To many, the dining room is the most important - where family meets and gather together.a room where technology is non existent & families come together to eat & catch up on each others days. It’s simple manors to not use your phone at the dining table which turns it in to one of the only places that people are forced to step away from social media & in to the ‘real world’.


Often the hardest place to shoot in the home, the bathroom is infamous for being too small or being outdated. At Drone and Photo, we know how to shoot a bathroom and stage it to find the best angle to show off all the functionality and design.



Do you want to rent commercial space before construction is complete or do you want to show a prospective homebuyer the potential of a home? Virtual Renovations and Virtual Staging may be the solutions for you. With Drone and Photo's virtual renovation and virtual staging services, we will make your vision become a reality. Once you have scheduled an appointment with us, one of our professionals will do a walkthrough with you discussing the layout and modifications for the photos we will be taking. After we have edited the first phase of project photos we will then render your creation in 2-3 days. 


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