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Why You Should Start Investing in Real estate in Miami and Florida Keys

As it happened before with the big investors, now the small capitalist looks for safe and profitable businesses in other coasts and finds them.

According to the Forbes magazine report, since the beginning of this year, the state of Florida has the most significant number of investment-friendly cities among 49 other states in the Union. 4 of the 10 best cities for housing investment in 2018 are from this state.

Fort Lauderdale (average rent: US $ 1,937 / month Price of a medium house: US $ 318,141).

It's the best part of Florida, and while the rental price is one of the highest in the state, the value of the homes is average. Real estate companies predict that prices will increase in the coming years. A not lesser fact is that Fort Lauderdale has been leading the growth of employment in Florida, which indicates that there will be demand for rentals and sales.

Tampa (average rent: US $ 1,186 / month Price of a medium house: US $ 173,250).

Last year, Tampa was considered the second-best city for real estate investments in the United States. The entire Tampa Bay area is regarded as an excellent place to buy and rent. Matthew Nagy, a member of Graystone Acquisitions, says that in recent years, Tampa has experienced a 2-digit price increase.

Jacksonville (average rent: US $ 1,061 / month Price of a medium house: US $ 165,755).

Here, the price of houses grows by 9% each year. At the same time, the city has a population growth of 5% and an employment growth of 4% per year.

Orlando (average rent: US $ 1,327 / month Price of a medium house: US $ 183,548).

This is another city that tops the list of qualifications in the world of real estate investment. Along with a booming economy, it has stable growth in the population and the labor market. This means a growing demand for housing. Orlando is, above all, an active city that remains a popular tourist attraction and has a growing reputation as the new business center.

West Palm Beach (average rent: US $ 1,480 / month Price of a medium house: US $ 250,784).

It is known as one of the best beach towns for investment in rental properties. The local market is dynamic and is characterized by a variety of housing options from expensive homes facing the sea and relatively cheaper west. Prices and location are two things that make West Palm Beach an attractive market to invest in real estate.

West Palm Beach is known as one of the best beach towns in Florida.

According to a USA Today report, other cities with a potentially profitable market are Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), St. Cloud (Minnesota), Houston (Texas), Chicago (Illinois), Indianapolis (Indiana) and Kansas City (Missouri).

Keep in mind that in most states, the buyer of a property does not pay real estate commission. The seller does, which is around 6% of the value of the operation. The deed can take 2%. Besides, having a property in the United States can take 2% annual taxes.

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