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Why Video Sells Houses

Homes sell faster with a video
Now, video is the most important content to sell a house.

Online video marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Whether you are selling your own home or you are a real estate agent, you should know that your lead will be converted to a successful sale only when your prospect (the house you are selling) will look attractive to the audience.

Real estate is a matter of visual emotions because a person has a lot of feelings attached to their house. You cannot see the exact details of how the house looks like till you either walk in or watch it in a video. It makes the buyer feel as if he is present in actual and gives the real feel of the house, its interiors and the living experience as compared to what is shown in still pictures or long, boring descriptions that are generally stated with it.

This article will talk about the reasons why video marketing helps to increase the sales of houses, but before that, let’s look at the stats.

It has been observed that the best method to increase ROI is through video marketing with its success rate being 51% where social media contributes to the highest number of publicity through uncountable shares, comments and likes. It is also seen that 64% consumers or buyers are likely to make their purchase decisions based on videos. All these stats clearly show how effective video marketing is in real estate.

1. Videos Can Capture What Eyes Can’t

It is crucial to hire a professional real estate photographer to take photos of your property. When it comes to real estate photography, only a professional and skilled photographer can tell you proper ways of exhibiting your house on a video. In addition to skills your real estate photographer can also take aid from certain photography equipment like drones and high quality cameras.

2. You Can Easily Get The ‘Wow’ Factor

When you get a video made, it incorporates a wow factor because it shows every single corner of the house and makes it look way more beautiful and original as compared to a photograph. This gives the buyers a real feel of what the house is like and they get to experience the property as it is without even being at the location physically.

3. Your Drone Photographs Get An Added Advantage

The small descriptions of your home and its corners are something that you cannot get in a picture. Using a drone to capture such areas can help potential buyers experience the side of your home that couldn’t have been captured through traditional photography.

4. Online Exposure Of Your Home Increases

Nowadays people like easy buying and customer reviews and traffics are an added advantage. With the increase in social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, video marketing gets a lot of reach which also makes it easier for potential buyers to save time by looking at the video first rather than going through the hassle of physically visiting the site.


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