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Why Luxury Rentals Need Video

When it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words it is clearly inferred that visuals have a greater impact on people than the other tools of giving, receiving and comprehending information. This means that if pictures can be so powerful then videos would be 10 times more powerful in delivering and communicating a message. There has been an increasing trend in the use of Video marketing to get customers but in real estate it is still an untapped market with majority of real estate agents not having YouTube accounts and those who do have, only 5% of them are active in making videos. Let’s look at why renting luxurious property needs video marketing:

Videos Build Trust

When you shoot a video of your property and show it your potential tenants or buyers they are more likely to believe you on whatever you have claimed about your property because they can literally see it from their own eyes. It gives them a message of sincerity and makes them more likely to trust you on your claims. Video brings an element of authenticity and clarity that helps buyer in making their purchase decision faster.

Videos Gives More Information About The Property

When you shoot a video of the house you give a more personalized experience to your buyers as they are able to see everything more vividly and in detail. This in turn provides them more information about the things in the house that you listed in the written copy.

It Helps In Tapping On To The Emotions Of The Buyers

For most people buying a house is not a simple rational purchase but more of an emotional decision and most of the time they want to buy a house that they feel emotionally connected with. For this reason shooting a good video of your house that shows the locality, the décor and the interior of the house brings the buyer emotionally closer to the house which ultimately helps in making a purchase.

Customers Prefer Video Marketing

According to the statistics customers believe that videos were important and 73 % of them want to deal with the real estate agents that do offer a video but at present only 12% of the real estate population is doing videos. This shows that there is a huge demand of video marketing and the people who rent their luxurious property need to take this in to account in order to not stay behind the competition.

It Is A Powerful Tool

It is indeed a powerful marketing tool and the statistics show that shooting a video of your house for the potential buyers increases the chance of the purchase by 20 to 80%. The video content on Google is always ranked higher and the YouTube is the second most popular search engine proving that video marketing is extremely beneficial to reach out majority of the target audience.

Luxury rentals need to perform video marketing for the above mentioned reasons as these can help in providing satisfaction to the potential buyers and may also aid in their purchase decisions.


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