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Tips for staging your home for Matterport tours

A Matterport tour is by far one of the most effective methods to market your house. According to the company, customers are more inclined to call an agent about houses that include a 360 video virtual tour than those that don't.

So, if you've determined that a Matterport 360 tour is the best method to market your home, you're in good company. But it's not only about having a 360 tour; making the property as appealing as possible online and in person, 3D tours are key to successful property sales.

After deciding to take advantage of the Matterport tour's benefits, it's only natural to make the most of the chance.

Tips for staging your home for Matterport tours:

Below are some tips for staging your home for Matterport tours,

1. Close off common areas:

Virtual 3D tours are best seen in the absence of crowds if there are any at all. If you're getting ready to open a hotel or an apartment, let residents and guests know that some common spaces may be closed for a while. Put up signs to warn people not to enter. Request that apartment residents clean their balconies or patios. A Miami photographer can help you in this regard.

2. Clean from top to bottom:

Cleaning from top to bottom goes without saying, but even the tiniest stain or speck of dust will be caught. After dusting all surfaces, open a window to allow fresh air to circulate. Check for stains on all furniture, cushions, and linens, then clean or replace them as needed.

3. Make sure electronics and lights are in working order:

You don't want light bulbs that are out, flickering, or of varied colors. Make certain that all of the lights are in working order. Keep indoor lights on for your external shots if you're filming in the evening. Double-check that the television screens and monitors are working and have consistent displays if you have to switch them on. Otherwise, it's preferable if you don't use them.

4. Organize your home:

Pleasingly arrange the décor. Straight wall art, frames, and lampshades are recommended. Place your décor precisely where you want it and in the most logical order. Avoid using seasonal decorations such as Christmas lights or Halloween decorations. Your virtual 3D tour will be dated as a result of this.

5. Check out everything:

Finally, touring the site before the picture session might help you spot any places you may have overlooked when preparing and planning. Stand in the middle of the room and gently rotate around it. Look for anything that doesn't appear to belong. Go through your checklist in the halls and communal spaces. If something doesn't seem right, it probably is. Before the shot, be thorough and double-check everything.


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