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This Company Does Photos For Only $195

Drone and Photo does real estate photos and videos in the Upper Keys.
Islamorada Real Estate

If you are selling Islamorada real estate, then you need to read this article. We are about to show you how to get your best real estate photos in Islamorada for only $195. Let’s begin!

Drone and Photo is a photography company established in Florida specialized in professional photography and video for the sale and rental of residential, commercial and tourist property.

We offer photographic footage and videos that facilitate the sale or rental of your homes, commercial premises and tourist accommodation, showing your space in an attractive, realistic and functional way. We create ideal images for the different marketing actions in the real estate and tourism sector. It will become descriptive but impressive, beautiful and seductive images.

Who are we targeting?

At Drone and Photo, we offer our services as property photographers to people who needs to sell or rent residential, commercial, or eve tourism properties. We provide a professional, realistic and selling photograph that makes sales. Real estate, hotels, rural accommodation, and restaurants have benefited from our services.

We can also work with architects, installers, interior designers, decorators, home stagers. In short, we address all those professionals who need to sell commercial premises or tourist accommodation and want to have a photograph at the professional level.

Why Do You Need The Real Estate Photography Service?

If you want your home to generate interest in a market as competitive as real estate, you have to make it stand out. These are the main REASONS why it is worth hiring our real estate photography service:

• 70% of buyers start searching for their home on the INTERNET.

• If the MAIN PHOTO of your ad does not attract attention, it will be discarded in less than 1 second.

• The houses with photographs receive MORE VISITS.

• In the real estate portals, the ADVERTISEMENTS with photographs are positioned FIRST.

• Photo properties SELL up to 30% FASTER than non-photo properties.

What Is The Price?

The price depends on the type of housing, its surface, and the number of photographs delivered. However, as you can see on the title, we can start working with just $195. Contact us further to know more about the details!

How Do We Prepare The Photographic Session?

The house must be in a correct state of order and cleanliness for a visit. Before the photoshoot, we carried out a quick inspection of the property to detect the strengths of the home, position and angle of shooting, and we relocated those objects that do not provide relevant information for potential stakeholders.

What Equipment Do We Use?

For the photoshoot, we will use a full-frame or full-frame reflex camera, with a wide-angle lens to convey the feeling of space, alternatively, another lens to collect certain details of the house, tripod and flash.

The images are taken in JPG and RAW format, which facilitates post-production. Often, we also carry other supporting equipment to make sure that every detail in the photo is perfect.


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