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Things To Build in Your Business During The Quarantine

The Coronavirus outbreak impacts a lot of sectors, including small businesses worldwide. Today, we share with you some tips on what to do during the coronavirus quarantine. Both for your business and yourself.

If your business has an online part and an offline part

Now, it is time to get the most out of your online service. Start to promote your business to reach more potential customers who are interested in visiting your place.

In the case of those hospitality businesses that must be closed, there is still a solution. This type of business usually has a food delivery service. So, there is a chance to promote what they have in hand to sell the cuisine online.

It is now the best time to carry out advertising campaigns on social networks since the food delivery service has become one of the most demanded. It is due to the restrictions on going out and the closure of the public bars and restaurants.

If your business is 100% offline

If you are in this category, then what you need is an immediate reach of people online. Having advertising campaigns on social networks can also be very helpful if they are targeted. For example, the video format.

Thanks to these videos, your future potential clients will be able to view content to know what type of work is carried out at your center.

Other types of businesses that are 100% offline, such as restaurants or stores, which do not have online or home services, can also benefit from advertising on social networks. These businesses can hire professionals to carry out their online advertising campaigns to:

· Drive traffic to your website so that you know your product/service offering.

· Capture data from potential clients to sign up for your newsletter, and attract them to the business on the day of reopening with a statement via email.

· Publicize your local business among those who live or work in the area in which it is located.

What to do with yourself

During the quarantine, you will have more time with yourself. So, I suggest you do the following for your self-improvement.

· Write a journal of what you feel, live, and experience with this novel situation. It not only serves as a psychological purgative but also as a source of reflection and action in the future.

· Write and send a letter to your future self.

· Learn and practice cooking recipes. It could be the occasion of the first dessert, the first pasta.

· Take online courses or review tutorials on YouTube, from how to fix your beard or design graphics, to creating a solar charger for your cell phone.

· Create a visual document, written or both, with a chronological sequence that reflects your own life or biography. You can be amazed at everything you can remember, retrieve, and learn.

· Learn or perfect a language.

· Practice or learn dances of your choice.

· Design or direct your own webinar or virtual channel.

· Investigate the two or three tourist destinations that you have always wanted to know. Identify interesting information, places to visit, activities to do, and, why not, plan a future vacation.

· Write articles, create your own virtual site to share with others about what you know and are passionate about.

· See documentaries with topics of your interest: great civilizations, mechanics, aliens, pets.


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