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The difference between a pro-camera vs. phone for video

Technology has brought a new trend of making videos with smartphones. Smartphone manufacturing companies introduced high-resolution cameras that make capturing easier than ever before. But, when it comes to professional photography, there are some factors in which mobile cameras don't work well, and at those moments, you have to use the pro cameras to shoot the videos. The main example is the professional YouTube channel. For example, if you own a professional YouTube channel, you must have to shoot your video content by using a high-resolution professional camera to provide your subscribers with high-quality video. Otherwise, the viewer will leave your channel and switch to some other channel with the same content in high-quality video.

If you want to save your viewers from going to some other channel, you must read the post till the end so that you can get to know the real and significant difference between the pro camera and the phone cameras for shooting a video for your professional YouTube channel.

Image quality:

The first factor that makes a difference between the pro camera and the phone camera is the image quality. If you use a professional digital camera to shoot your video instead of a phone camera, you will see a noticeable difference in the image quality. A camera that uses a sensitive lens for capturing the photos will produce a high-resolution picture. The mobile camera can never beat the professional camera's image quality, no matter how good it is. Although you can use your phone camera to shoot an IGTV video for Instagram, when it comes to the YouTube channel, you should prefer a digital camera over a phone camera.

Image sensor size:

When it comes to the sensor technology, DSLR and mirrorless cameras put the mobile cameras in the dust. The sensor size of the DSLR and mirror camera is larger and more complex than a Smartphone camera. Digital cameras like DSLR can capture more details than a phone camera.


When it comes to the convenience of the camera, the smartphone camera stands higher than the digital camera. It is because; the digital camera is much heavier and bulkier than the compact smartphone camera that you can always carry with you. The digital camera is bigger in size; that's why you can't keep it with you all the time.

On the flip card, a smartphone is always in your pocket, and you can use it anywhere and anytime you want. In short, the mobile camera is good for making IGTV videos anywhere and anytime without preparing the whole setup for shooting. Just out your camera on the tripod stands and capture the video for your IGTV videos for Instagram.

A range of lenses:

A professional digital camera has a broader range of lenses that you can use to shoot different qualities of videos. You can also keep on updating your lenses to shoot videos for your professional YouTube channel. On the other hand, a mobile camera can't change the lenses, nor you can improve the image quality of the mobile camera. At last, we recommend you to choose a digital camera for videos of your professional YouTube channel and mobile camera for your IGTV videos.


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