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Sharing our top realtors’ marketing tricks... shhh

Droneandphoto.com devotes much of its existence to helping realtors further their sales opportunities and exposure with our luxurious photos, videos and Matterport Tours. These photography packages are a weapon for realtors, arming them with the guns they need to make an impact on social media, Google and highly trafficked websites including Zillow, Realtor.com and the MLS Exchange. We have noticed significant increases in sales and recognition in the agents we work with and wanted to share some of the same tricks they use with you.

  1. Don’t just post videos and photos

The videos Droneandphoto.com produces along with other professional real estate videographers is designed for an impact and to get a buyer interested. Equally as important as the video is marketing in the right context. If you have an Instagram or Facebook page, go into detail about the description and add relevant hashtags. Write significant selling features and value points out. Leave something in the description open ended to prompt phone calls.

  1. Utilize social media groups

Did you know there are thousands of people interested in your new listing right now that have not seen it? A way to reach out to more people is with Facebook groups and other groups on social media. Often FREE, posting photos and videos in certain real estate/social groups gains exposure and can hit specifically on your target market. Does your luxury listing have a private tennis court? You might want to market it in a Tennis Group on social media. Be careful when you do this not to spam and only post in welcoming groups. It is ideal to actively be involved in groups and share your listings as a small part of the posting content.

  1. Share your videos on YouTube

Another FREE way to market your videos and reach potentially millions of people is by creating a YouTube Channel. YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world and its videos often show up on Google for certain search results. Utilize this powerful platform by posting elegant real estate videos for people to enjoy. Include impactful keywords like location, housing style and local attractions to get found better.

  1. Get Testimonials

One of the key factors a seller has when choosing a realtor is trustworthiness and their ability to deliver. Put their thoughts at ease and secure new sellers and buyers with testimonials (preferably video). Video testimonials can help make the prospect call when they visit your website and will make sellers DM you when they see the case study on social media. You can hire a professional video company like droneandphoto.com if you want a polished production, but a phone video camera can get the job done if you are getting started.

  1. Advertise

We just gave you four examples on how to market listings and yourself as a realtor that do not cost a dime, but if you want to enhance your reach further- advertise. Videos, photos and 3D tours can be marketed across a wide array of platforms to your target audience. Run YouTube ads that show up when people search for real estate in your territory and only pay when someone clicks. Use high quality photos to stand out in print advertising that also hits your target market. To have any success with advertising, it will take time and you must have a monthly budget set aside.

In Summary

We hope some of these marketing tips will help you grow your sales and new opportunities. When staying with these steps outlined, you most definitely will have success. If you are looking for photos and videos to better make you stand out, call or text 305-440-0738 or email guru@droneandphoto.com. Thanks for reading.


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