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Real Estate Video is Marketing Magic

Do you sell a property and want to market it as successfully as possible? Then, you should take advantage of a professional real estate video.

High-quality real estate films appeal to your target group emotionally and inspire them in a very special way for your property. We at Drone and Photo are your contact when it comes to the creation of professional real estate films.

Special Features & Advantages of Real Estate Videos

Real estate films serve to convey the emotional message to the target group, which is the core of a property. This feature not only arouses interest in the property you offer, the viewer is also emotionally involved and builds a connection to the property.

After a personal visit, a video is the best way to get to know the advantages and features of an object. The viewer is given the feeling that he is moving through different rooms. A real estate video enables the customer to view the property without having to be there in person and without having to invest time.

Most of the time, the viewer decides to contact the property seller within a few seconds, which means that real estate sales happened quickly.

A video offers a more comprehensive and realistic insight into a property than a photo. It increases real estate sales. The viewer can get a precise impression of the room layout, size and flair of the property within a very short time. Furnishing options can also be shown in this way.

Why Video Format?

Video platforms have a huge reach these days. YouTube alone is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. This way, the most diverse target groups can be effectively addressed by video at low placement costs.

The conversion rate of such an offer increases on average by 80 percent. Due to the increased number of interested parties, properties that were advertised via video are usually sold at a price that is 3-5 percent above the market value.

How Are Real Estate Videos Produced?

When producing a real estate video, preparation, and planning is of great importance. The property should be tidy, clean and if possible, not contain any personal items of the current residents.

Decorative elements such as flowers, burning candles or fruit bowls are again welcome in the kitchen. The shooting then takes place. It is planned in advance which rooms will be filmed and how. Particularly poorly lit, small and angled rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens pose a challenge because the shape and nature of these rooms are particularly important for potential buyers.

Outdoor shots are as important as indoor shots. The best solution for professional and high-quality outdoor photography is to use a drone. The object can not only be shown from the outside but also pictures through the windows into the interior offer the viewer a different perspective and show whether a room is facing the street or the backyard, for example.

When the shooting is done, post-production starts. This includes adding elements such as motion graphics or animations. For example, information about the property can be integrated into the recordings. This way, you can sell homes fast.

Since creating a real estate video takes not only time but also requires skill, it is always advisable to hire a professional film production company. We, at Drone and Photo, will make your real estate film perfectly and edit it effectively! Talk to us and let’s discuss your customized real estate video.


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