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Props to Spice Up Real Estate Photos

Famously there is a quote "you only get one first impression" and this is so true with real estate photos and videos. When the cameraman comes it is important to make sure the home is the best version of itself making the beds proper, tiding up the kitchen counters and bathroom counters. Some homes have heaps of items laying around and others are empty from the home owner moving. This article is going to show you how to best set a home with props you can find in the home and a few to bring!

Find Props in the Home

Homeowners generally have a lot of style in my experience and they have artistic accent pieces hidden in plain site. Sometimes grouped together on coffee tables and granite countertops knick knacks can appear to be cluttering a room but look closely for items like small sculptures and decorative plates you can prop up and bring color to an all white kitchen! Fake or real flowers look gorgeous on dining room tables and it is a flare of elegance.

Bring your own Props

Stage a bowl of fruit and a bouquet of flowers in the shot, fur through overs on couches really set a mood of comfort too. As a photographer or realtor you can have several fruit bowls to match the color and mood of a room and the same goes with vases and fake flowers. Careful to do overdue the props like lighting candles and distracting the buyer or renter from the room.

Add Virtual Props

Sometimes the home is completely empty and our bowl of fruit is just not enough. For empty or near empty homes you can do virtual staging. Most real estate photographers have the ability to virtually stage a home and add furniture, appliances and the perfect props to set off a room! Droneandphoto.com has the ability to virtually stage a home to match the style you desire and even follow blueprints!

I hope these tips for props will spice up your next photos. We look forward to seeing your work. Tag @droneandphoto1 on Instagram with your photos with props and we will reshare you.

Props set off real estate photos


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