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Matterport is going public, Don’t fall behind

The latest news is Matterport is going public. The silicon valley startup is combining with Gores Holdings VI and has a $2.3B total enterprise value. I am not a financial guru and here to discuss SPACS, IPOs and whatnot — instead I am discussing the future of the industry I am involved in and how this affects it.

Matterport today is in 150 countries, and businesses are matterporting everything from homes to highrises, hospitals to hotels and everything in between. I personally just sent out a quote to Matterport RVs for a rental company and have done matterport work for numerous resorts in the Upper Florida Keys to go along with countless homes for real estate.

When asked what the Matterport craze is all about, the company CEO responded by saying, “We are the only company on the planet that can create a true accurate model or a twin of any space, frankly, with more information in it then if you were in the space itself. Nightly rental platforms like Vacasa, Homeaway and Vrbo are seeing 300% increased engagement if you have the Matterport digital twin attached to that online listing.”

Matterport technology also sells homes 20% faster and in many cases for a higher price- 10- 12 percent higher which is a substantial increase in the real estate world according to Pittman. Matterport has a market of 4 billion buildings out there in the known world, and has barely begun starting. With this new partnership with Gores Holdings VI, you can expect to see a boast in marketing and usability. The CEO of the holdings company is optimistic about the new partnership and sees room for growth.

CEO of Gores Holdings VI Mark Stone said “We look for high-quality companies that are bringing differentiated products to market with leading solutions, have untaped and significant growth potential and outstanding management to deliver on that potential.”

Bottom-line expect to see Matterport a lot more places online from government websites to all types of enterprises where seeing the building matters. Get ahead of the curve by creating a Matterport account and buying the equipment or hire us to do your properties for a great rate and deliver superb quality.

If you would like a Matterport pricing quote and more information, email guru@droneandphoto.com or call or text 305-440-0738.


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