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How To Stage A Kitchen For Photos And Video

n this post, you will learn the basic equipment you need to record the kitchen real estate videos of your properties. You will also learn four techniques to record better property videos.

The video increases your chances that your potential clients and prospects have a higher value perception of your property and the real estate agent, in addition to having a video you can show this same property to multiple prospects at the same time all hours and days of the week.

In turn, buyers can watch the video at the time that is most convenient for them and can also decide if they want to make an appointment to physically inspect the property, this process can occur with multiple buyers simultaneously, it is like having an army of Promoters working for you.

All property videos can be made with relatively simple equipment, even if for any reason you do not have access to the property or the weather does not allow for proper recording,

Now let's see the equipment you need to record the videos of the kitchen:

1. You will need a video camera

It would be nice to use a camera that has an integrated wide-angle lens. However, you can use adapters that sell either for small cameras or mobile phones

2. Have a magnetic ring

It turns practically any lens into a wide-angle lens. In this case, it is a circular adapter that also serves you if you use an iPhone.

3. Prepare a stabilizer or a tripod

Any tripod will work, I have one since I was in university and have years with me and it works perfectly. For your own shots, you can also use a selfie stick

4. Microphone

The next thing you will need is a microphone. You can use a microphone that you can get on Amazon and they cost around 50 dollars. The truth is that it is all you need if you are starting.

When you go to record a video using these recommendations, here are the steps you need to take:

First, whenever you can, use a stabilizer or a tripod so that the shots are stable. For moving shots you can do it with the selfie stick or with your tripod.

If you are recording by hand, make sure you only rotate the waist. The feet should be firm and still and the only thing that rotates is the waist. To make panning in interior spaces like the kitchen, make sure your shots last a few seconds. Therefore, you can cut the recordings that you are not interested in.

Also, make sure that when you go from one room to another, you have a good adjustment of the camera exposure. Most automatic cameras and mobile phones have automatic exposure. So, if you do not give time to adjust the variation in lighting, you will have videos with very noticeable differences in light or very dark spaces.

I hope this tutorial on staging a kitchen for videos and photos helpful. Make sure to put a comment below if you have any questions!


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