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How To 10x Your Sales On Commercial Property Using Drone Videos

Are you interested in making aerial photos and drone videos of real estate projects? Drone and Photo offers a comprehensive package of services that promote the sale of your projects. Our professional and experienced team is always there for you.

Enrich your real estate portfolio as a broker or project developer

A new apartment building, office building or estate will be attractively and clearly laid out so that your customers can get a better picture of your real estate projects. When taking aerial shots, we combine global overviews with detailed images from lower heights. The aerial photographs and aerial videos give an unmistakable added value to real estate portfolios and promote sales.

Promote your terrain with impressive aerial photos and aerial videos.

Your home, property assets, hotel, or amusement park is captured from the air so that you get beautiful images that you can use for commercial purposes. You can also let special historic buildings be captured in an impressive way to attract more visitors.

360 ° virtual tours

360 ° virtual tours are an excellent tool to improve the user experience of your website. 360 virtual tours are not only attractive to see, but they can also provide an additional visual stimulus to accelerate the sales of your real estate projects.

Promotional videos and exclusive 360 panoramas

We also produce promotional videos in which all the highlights are shown, both from the air and the ground. To give your presentations even more content and atmosphere, you can also use us to create panoramas of 360, 180 and 90 degrees.

See our video shoot sample here: https://www.droneandphoto.com/video

What makes this service unique is that you can make more sales with a quality video presentation on your property. We can make 360 ° aerial photographs and interior as well. In this way, the visitor to your virtual tours gets an impressive experience of both the environment and the interior of your real estate projects.

To be allowed to make aerial photographs and aerial videos with a drone for commercial purposes in the US, the pilot must have had a special drone flight training and have exemptions and permits. Besides, the heavy drones must be inspected, and all drones must be insured against damage to third parties.

Drone and Photo has the necessary training, permits, and insurance. This way you can be sure that the recordings are safe.

We have certified drone pilot ready to provide the best service for you. Our team delivers DSLR quality aerial photos with one of standard 21 MegaPixels, combined to a maximum of 75MP. The images will be shot on RAW + JPG. RAW ensures that all essential details are retained. When requesting a Gigapixel photo, we can increase this resolution to 1.2GigaPixels.

At Drone and Photo, our team has not finished the project and pack our photoshoot equipment after recording your commercial property assets. Instead, we are also available for professionally performing video editing, colors correction, balance light, and reduce noise, so your photos and videos have the WOW FACTOR to boost your sales!

Contact us today before your competitor does!


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