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Google and Bing will rank videos above articles

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

When we make a website, the first thing that comes to our mind after content is the optimization. Of course, to rank higher on the search engines, you have to optimize your website according to their rules so that your website can appear higher on the search engines. This whole process of changes and optimization is called Search engine optimization SEO. Here, I want to tell you guys that content is of different forms, like we can also add images, videos, and written content. The question here is, if there are different kinds of content, then how search engines rank content. Which type of content is ranked above the others. We knew that this question would create confusion in your mind, and that’s why we decided to solve the issue for you. Today, we will tell you how Search engine optimization of videos ranks them above the articles and everything about it that you should know. Let’s have a look!

How does video help Search engine optimization?

The first question is how videos help SEO of website due to which search engines rank video above articles. The primary reason for the higher ranking of videos is that when a site has a video, visitors come and watch the video. In this way, they stay for a longer time on the website, which decreases the bounce rate of the website. In this way, video help in better SEO of the website. The more the dwell time of the visitors, the higher your site will rank on search engines.

Moreover, videos grab more traffic on the website than articles. According to research, most people prefer to watch videos instead of reading lengthy and wordy articles. Reading articles takes much time compared to watching videos and understanding the theme or motif of the website. In this way, video grab more traffic to your site, and a single video on your website can multiply the traffic on your website.

Furthermore, video ads also help in SERPs, but you have to make sure that the video is of excellent quality and relevant to your business or website. Otherwise, the visitor will lose interest in your website even if it has a website video. Relevancy is the critical point in Search engine optimization, and you have to keep it in mind while making the video for your website.

What should you do?

Now, the thing is that whether you should focus on the article content of the website or the video. So, in my opinion, both have their own importance, and you must not take either for granted. You have to hire a professional video maker like droneandphoto.com and ask them to make an exciting video for your website. They will use all their expertise to create a catchy video, you post it on your site, and you will surely see the instant increase in the traffic.

What are you waiting for then? Hurry up, reach for us through droneandphoto.com and give us a chance to rank you higher on Google and Bing!


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