Moshi Moshi was re

ferred to me by a Lyft driver with a Mercedes. Myself and Fabiola are both sushi-lovers and have been dozens of places in Miami for both business and pleasure. I live only a few blocks from Mosh Moshi and was never directed to go there. Little did I know they have incredible sushi at an affordable price and are open until 5 a.m.

More than an a traditional restaurant they have tapas including, Ika Butter fresh squid filet pan sauteed with buttery soy. This is a favorite of mine because the squid is not chewy and the buttery sautee with lemon juice is a light, savory flavor. If squid is not your style Moshi Moshi has something for everyone. There are nine kinds of ceviche including crunchy crab, salmon, tuna, yellowtail, snapper, shrimp, octopus, conch and king crab and nine kinds of tiraditos including many types of fish and specialized proteins like sea urchin, surf clam, scallop and yellowtail fish “belly”.

Tiradito is a Peruvian dish of raw fish, cut in the shape of sashimi and Moshi Moshi does it right. It differs from ceviche in two ways: tiradito is sliced, while ceviche is cubed; and tiradito is sauced immediately before service, hence raw, while ceviche is marinated beforehand, hence "cooked". Some authors also state that tiradito does not contain onions, but this is not universal. There is a plethora of diverse appetizers with everything from raw oysters and beef tongues to delectable kimchee and unique Chinese vegitables. In the mood for eggplant? Try the ambrosial Kimchee Nasu eggplant grilled with mozzarella, tomato, kimchee, basil (My favorite eggplant dish). Or have it in a different variation with the age nasu eggplant, cut in cube, corn starched and deep fried.

Of course a review about Moshi Moshi would not be complete without discussing their flavorsome rolls. Their spicy tuna roll which is usually generic and flavorless, filled with 90 percent rice is wholesome and succulent with a nice sized piece of tuna and perfect amount of spicy mayo.

Their signature rolls are untouchable. Confidently good without fancy ingredients like truffle oil and flakes of gold. It is simply the right ingredients and the right amount. Examples are the chopstick lickin’ good Dragon Roll shrimp tempura, asparagus, scallion, masago, avocado on top and Volcano Roll with crab, avocado, cucumber, and orgasmic baked seafood on top.

They can be creative and fun too and there are more speciality rolls out of the norm like the Pollo Salsa Roll complete with grilled chicken, cucumber, custard egg, green leaf, tomato, mango, kaiware, creamy sesame sauce. If you are in the mood for something sweet try the mouthwatering Strawberry Field Roll — banana tempura, mango, mint and a strawberry on top.

There is a great selection of desserts to extinguish after meal sweet tooth cravings that you will be talking about on your way out. Ice Cream, Cheese Cake and Banana Tempora. The warm bananas and drenched with melting, fluffy vanilla iced cream.

Moshi Moshi is the winner of Sushi Masters competition in FL of 2009. In conclusion they offer great sushi and other traditional Japanese cuisine at affordable price. Try them out and follow them on Instagram @moshmoshifl. They have a location on Miami Beach and off Coral Way exiting downtown. Thanks for being a @Miamiholic.