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Drone And Photo Is All About Video

Would you like to sell real estate in Florida faster? Then give your customers a comprehensive insight into their newly acquired property. If possible, it should include hover tripod tracking shots, slider shots and drone shots.

Real estate videos give customers an insight into the property. No more false impressions, no more disappointments at the viewing appointment, from the beginning your property will be shown from all perspectives and in the best light. With us, cinematic camera shots and film recordings made easy.

Whether a villa, an industrial building or a two-room apartment, we have the right real estate video for every budget.

Real Estate Videos

We have an eye for the perfect picture and the equipment for the highest quality standards. Real estate videos make it possible to authentically present the unique features and the feeling of well-being of the property. A beautiful video touches your customers.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Real estate, land and location can be depicted in an unusual and representative manner through good aerial photographs. We produce high-quality photos and videos from the air. Your prospect gets a better impression of the property.

Real Estate 3d Visualization

A 3D rendering makes it possible to start customer acquisition and real estate marketing even before the construction phase. We create these, for example, from construction plans or CAD data. In addition to the object, it is also possible to visualize adjacent buildings, streets, parks.

Our strengths

We are your team of experts for professional video and film production from Hamburg. We bring your real estate to buyer feaster.

· Our team honed over 500 video productions, (correct me if I am wrong) promoted drone photographs with optimized workflows. You win the absolute benefit from our years of experience!

· Your project manager is your contact person and is always available for you.

· Our vibe does it! We are always constructive, positive and work with passion on all projects.

· Our team consists exclusively of trained specialists who are passionate about their fields. We are technically at the highest quality level. This is how we enable inexpensive high-end productions.


Video marketing campaigns for real estate will be the most-used strategy to attract qualified clients. Traffic numbers on YouTube in search of informational and educational material are increasing more than searches for entertainment. YouTube is positioned as the best online learning platform at zero cost.

The "video" tab is increasingly used in organic searches, and you will see more and more videos in organic searches. What does this tell you? That you must master this channel as soon as possible. YouTube is the best channel today to differentiate yourself from your competition and get outstanding requests for information.

Remember: video marketing for real estate is more than just recording some images of the property and accompanying them with pleasant music. It does not sell— even on Facebook, on your website, and much less on YouTube.

You need the professional aerial videos for your real estate. Contact us today and let’s make your home sold faster!


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