• Alex Press

Do not upgrade your camera until you read this!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog again on droneandphoto.com. Today I am sharing with you the reasons why I decided to upgrade my camera but only when I determined it made sense. I created the post because I am a member of several groups on Facebook and everyone is always talking about gear as if it will make them a better videographer - spoiler alert - it won’t. Better gear does have its roll, but if you are really considering starting a business in this field it’s better to put some of the money aside that would be for gear, for advertising and accessories.

Focus on story and creativity first

The first camera I used was a Sony and that used Floppy disks and I was in high school. I created a project with it for my Tech Studies class and the resolution was horrible compared to today’s standards. At this point I didn’t know the difference of CLOG and shooting 30 FPS and this isn’t the most important part of making a video, it is the story. Firstly you need to understand that if I have the best gear and no story to draw in my viewer, I am a shitty cinematographer.

Buy the right accessories first