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Augmented Realty; the new type of video for the future

From the last decade, many brands included augmented reality as a part of their marketing strategy to enhance their business. The era of augmented reality in marketing and advertising begins with the progress in technological, infrastructural advancement. In the year 2018, businesses use augmented reality marketing, and it is further expected that this AR marketing will continue to grow over more than $200 billion in industries by the year 2022. Some facts about using augmented reality Through AR technology companies present their products and services to their end consumers in a more vivid and natural way. This way, it paved away for companies to increase the chances of click through to purchase by a third.

  • 61% of customers prefer brands that use AR

  • 72% of shoppers have bought something they wouldn’t have done otherwise because of AR

  • 68% of customers will spend more time with a product if AR marketing is used

To incorporate Florida 3D Video into your marketing strategy will  benefit your brand as well as customers in many ways. It is revealed that AR will leave behind VR in terms of revenue within the next five years. Why you should use Augmented Reality for marketing?  Augmented reality in marketing is going to be the next big thing in the future, which will shake things up! If you use 3D Video as one of your marketing strategy tools for your brand's growth, you will be able to get these few key benefits in the helpful ways mentioned below. It enhances real-world experiences AR is the most effective technology when it comes to real-world experiences. It enhances the reality which is already present in a more positive and useful way. It adds value to the user experience. AR adds an immersive value experience to the customers irrespective of the place and time. This interesting technology of AR actually helps create engaging circumstances so that your favorite brands' desired products can be tested prior to buying. Future Prospects for Marketing with Augmented Reality Augmented reality is not new in the world of digital space. But it only starts gaining significant popularity in recent years. It’s Highly Sharable  AR experiences are highly sharable, whether it is Pokémon Go’s interactive environments or Snapchat’s fun filters, this certainly benefits the platform itself, and the shareability can also impact your brand. Final Thoughts Augmented reality is quickly becoming essential for the brand's marketing mix as it is one of the most appealing technology in the digital space. Most of the successful companies or brands are using AR in marketing. According to a recent study by UK, 72 percent are planning to shift towards augmented reality technology for the marketing of their brand. Although, day by day, it is becoming necessary to incorporate AR technology and 3D Video in your marketing strategy. So, don't leave behind in implementing AR technology into your marketing mix.


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