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Achieve more sales with a longer list

I am not a jack of all trades and do not pretend to be. I focus on marketing and being behind the camera and I have been self-employed since 2016. When I first started working on my own, I had a short list of what I wanted to make for income to get by with as well as a short list of clients and marketing services to provide.

One of the reasons I had such a short list is because I lacked tools and knowledge. I did not have enough experience to provide additional services nor the equipment to charge for video productions. As I created both a longer list of goals I wanted to achieve in business and a separate list of what I wanted to achieve in life, everything aligned in the longer list as it did in the shorter list before.

With the longer list of business and life goals came a longer list of what I needed to do to make it happen. A long list of actions focused towards the success of certain goals is unstoppable. Darian Hardy talks about this in the Compound Effect as do many success gurus and there is truth to it.

The best part about this list strategy is that it is easy to do but it will take perseverance. To give you an example this blog is now on my everyday list and I must write it whether I feel in the mood or not. Even if I had a long day working on other projects I will now make sure to have my blog. I know by doing this task everyday I will create more fans like you and it will help to rank my website better.

What is something you can do everyday to help you reach your goals. Do you want to achieve more financially to finally fund your dream career or do you want to be healthier, or is it both? Write down as long a list as you can so that you never are “Bored.” Do not spend another moment binge watching a Netflix series when you could be working on your list.

For real estate a list could be following up and finding new clients, getting photos and videos taken :) or finding interested buyers through organic lead generation. Do it now and do not delay. Create a really LONG LIST and reach your goals!


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