About Drone and Photo's Owner, Alex Press

Alex Press has been executive director of public relations for several multimillion dollar companies in South Florida and is currently CEO of Press Factor LLC, the parent company of Drone and Photo. He is experienced with social media marketing, PR and marketing strategies to grow businesses and build brand recognition as well as photography and videography.

Alex Press working with a RED Camera shooting a nationally televised commercial.

Currently, his focus is to provide drone photo and aerial video service for real estate and culinary businesses. With his young passion, he can dominate the Key West market by delivering the best digital marketing and photography services in its class. 

Drone Photo and Video Services

 At Drone and Photo, Alex and his team have helped people get more sales for their business using drone aerial videos. Notably, in the real estate sector.

 If you are a real estate agency, rural house, hotel, resort, promoter, builder and in general owners of real estate and want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, then you are in the right place. You can now offer the vision of your product with aerial video recording and photography with drones. By using our professional drone recording service, you will obtain innovative and influential images with our HD cameras.

 The images captured from the aerial recording with drones of chalets or rural lodgings filmed in flight at different heights and from different angles and perspectives are spectacular. Alternatively, aerial shots of general plans of towns, upcoming apartments, and more will also boost your sales.

 This results in a much more attractive offer than the traditional marketing does. Besides, aerial recording with drones will film aspects that have been impossible to visualize until now, such as distances to public transport (metro, train, parking, airport, and more). A data that can revalue the promotion or property. The advantages of videos and photographs with drones for public advertising are:

 •     Reduce costs and minimize risks. Facilitates decision making based on relevant and updated information.

•     Greater precision and quality: tracking much more accurately than that achieved by traditional human-crewed flights and satellites.

•     Access to previously inaccessible areas and proportion of information so far impossible.

•     Saving time.

•     Increased employee safety

At Drone and Photo we work in the real estate sector from our very beginnings, and we currently offer our services to Florida Keys area. If you are wondering about the costs, you can contact us and let us know your budget. So that we can give you the best price for drone video promotion.