98’ Honda Civic hatchback beats 2020 Porsche

This last weekend I went to the 1/8th Mile “Test & Tune” experience where street-legal cars see how fast they can go through an obstacle course. I stumbled upon the event during a bike ride and had to stop - unfortunately I did not have my camera. There were cars of all types from old modified Hondas to new Porches and drivers of all different skill levels although none professional.

Standing on the sideline where cars entered the track, I viewed every one of them prior to their takeoff. The loud thud of the Mazda R6 was like a racehorse ready to jolt out of its stable. One by one as they went through the track I noticed the cars were not always as they appeared and I pre-judged them, much as I probably did in business to my surprise.

After watching a Porsche, Z06, and other sports cars make their round on the track, there were the modified cars. Acuras, Honda Civics, and all kinds, these are sometimes referred to as Ricers (frowned upon) or Tuners. Keep in mind that this is an obstacle course and not a straightaway where you can gun it. There are turns and there is much skill involved. All the times I saw were ranging from :40 seconds to 1:10.

The first Tuner car actually broke down on the track and had to be hauled out. But you can guess what happened when the next, a beat-up Honda Civic hatchback that was spray-painted teal and had a monster spoiler - it beat all those sports cars, racing across the track at :46 seconds. Humbled about my knowledge of cars, I realized this car's time was a combination of several variables.

  • Experience - The driver had experience and knew how to maneuver through the track. Experience is derived from taking action.

  • Knowledge - He or she knows exactly what every performance part does and upgrades it over time. Knowledge is the cornerstone of providing a business or service because it enables you to deliver it the best. Knowledge is an umbrella term covering a spectrum of subjects.

  • Positive Reinforcement - There is a car community that supports each other, helps to modify cars, and puts together these events. Positive reinforcement is important in our adult lives because it validates our goals and instills confidence.

Notice how I listed these variables ahead of the car and this is because the less expensive tuner car beat most of the others. This correlates with what I do as a cameraman and marketer and what you do - whatever it is. It is not about your tools but how you use them. Moreover, even if you have the most expensive car, camera, or tools for the job without Experience, Knowledge, and Positive Reinforcement it is not being used to its ability.

Spoiler alert the Mazda RX-8 got the top speed of what I saw and it was a tuner as well. Contrary to what I thought, those are inexpensive cars too. It could be the sports car drivers or more worried about dinging their vehicle but the time doesn't lie. Thank you for reading.