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5 Tips How Top-Producers Market Commercial Properties

I shoot for top producing real estate agents at Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, Realty Executives, commercial firms etc. … in the most exclusive areas in South Florida (Check my website) I have learned over the years some techniques that help to sell commercial properties and want to share them with you.

1. Drone Shots

When I have shot for Walgreens and McDonald’s on contract jobs from marketing firms they all send me a similar shot list no matter where the location is and I am going to share it with you. To show off the properties location and size you need to have drone shots at the cardinal directions (S, SW, W, NW, N, NE, E, SE) at 300 ft and 100ft. You also need to get ground shots of the signage, landscaping and architecture. The ground shots are better to take with a camera on a tripod but can be taken with a drone in hand for inexpensive land jobs. SIDE NOTE: Box out the approximate boundaries of the land and show street names to show potential buyers!

2. Print Marketing Material

After you get the photos you need and are happy with, it is time to market the property. There are countless commercial spaces available so it is time to separate yours and maximize your value. Top agents I work with run advertisements in local weekly and real estate magazines. These work well because they're regularly available and picked up by interested tourists (This may not work well in Nebraska but does in Miami and the Florida Keys) Top Agents also create brochures, postcards and billboards to help sell commercial properties. This type of marketing has a compound effect. Not only do you get more interested buyers coming for appointments, you get interested sellers marveling over the outstanding marketing you are doing - ready to list.

3. Get A Matterport Tour

Matterport Tours are great for commercial spaces because along with giving the viewer a real life detailed 3D walkthrough of the space, it has precise accuracy to make measurements for equipment and planning. Matterport technology increases the engagement on digital platforms by 300% according to company CEO RJ Pittman so it is a powerful commercial marketing weapon.

4. Video Tour

Many of the same photographers that offer drone and Matterport services also offer video tours and it is best to bundle the entire package together. Top producers agree it is worth it to spend a little in the beginning to get a nice payday in the end. Video is easier to view than Matterport and highlights exclusively the selling features of the property. A good commercial real estate video will leave the viewer wanting to see more and not necessarily show everything. The video is also a powerful tool for social media and online marketing. Droneandphoto.com now creates two videos with our service for the same price. We create an extended video about 3 minutes in length showing detail and drone shots and a condensed version less than a minute to be used on social media and IG Stories.

5. Online Marketing

I am saying a general term online marketing because many of the Top Producers I work with market properties differently online and you should too. For example one client runs a lot of promotions on an online blog in the area, gets articles on them and attends functions the blog hosts- another may run Facebook and Instagram ads and have a following as a sharp and successful realtor. Both of these are great ways to market your commercial properties and are done across the board by the real money makers.

These are 5 tips to help market commercial properties but there are many more. It is worth mentioning humanitarian and non-profit work is not only very rewarding, but also a great way to network and can achieve great contacts. I hope these tips have helped you and reach out to me Alex Press, anytime personally for a consultation for a job 305-440-0738. Thank you for reading.


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