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5 Techniques for Taking Drone Shots in Real Estate

Like a musician or painter, a drone videographer is an artist with the SD card being the tapestry. Every shot and angle is different from one to the next and there is no right or wrong way. That being said there are several shot angles that are universally good for drone shots in real estate.

1. Low profile shots

Low profile drone shots are often the listing photos and play an important role in real estate videos. These shots capture the detail of the home and make for the best exterior photos. For these shots the drone is usually 5ft - 15ft in the air and positioned far enough away from from the home to capture its entirety in the frame. You will want to be close to your drone for these shots to avoid trees and telephone wire. If you do turn off your obstacle avoidance make sure to be extra careful and turn it back on when you are done. (Do not make the same mistake I made and crash your drone into a tree into the intercoastal.)

2. Tilt video clips

If you really want to make your video look professional add tilt shots (This does not apply to photos.) These especially look great when taking low profile photos. You are going to tilt the camera up and down or down to up, slow and dramatic like revealing the home and property to us.

3. Over water shots

These feel to be the most daring but come out amazing for homes that are on water. It could be a canal, open ocean, a small pond or any body of water. You are going to position the drone 10 ft over the water, just far enough away to capture the home for photos. For video you want to get further back and fly towards the house. This makes for a great speed ramp in post production.

4. Bird’s eye view

These photos and videos are awesome because they show off the community, water and facilities like clubhouses and golf courses. For these drone photos and video fly your drone up about 300 ft AGL. Shoot the home in all cardinal directions. Orbit the home in a video clip and de-elevate to the home in another while zooming in. This will really up your real estate drone game!

5. Truck and Pan

Trucking is when you fly the drone to the left or right while maintaining its perpendicular relationship, meaning the lens stays facing the same direction. Panning IS moving the lens from one side to the other. Combine the two in the front or back of a home for an amazing cinematic real estate shot.

I hope these tips have helped you and if you have any techniques comment them below. Make sure you have your Part 107 license if you are flying a drone commercially and subscribe for our almost daily blog about all things Drone and Photo related.


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