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Updated: Sep 21, 2019

You know what is new and happening? Drones! Drones are the new trend as they are claimed to have better capacity and quality of image and video. They capture more sides of the event than a normal photographer can with their wide-angle view and capricious space to roam around. Drones are the new replacement for normal photography and videography-- that is why we will be discussing below the reasons to go for them in your special events.

Gives You An Edge:

The GoPro and other cameras are no doubt remarkable but they lack the mobility along with the video quality that the drones can provide. You are able to catch fly-over crowd snaps, panoramic shots and big-picture photos through drone especially when handled by a trained pilot. These trained pilots can be found on many Miami drone company’s websites as well, who do not settle for the less. These large scale shots give your special event an edge over other similar events by beautifully capturing every single moment.

Saves Money:

Due to the quality of drone being mobile, it can surface through different positions lessening the need for two to three photographers. The live streaming of the event comes in the pilot’s controller which helps him/her to adjust the angles and views on the spot. The pilot can also take the drone from ground level to as far as 400 feet. These traits cut down the cost of additional photographers and videographers. Also, the costs of editing later or regretting on the missing scenes.

Outdoor Settings:

Drones are especially a marvelous invention for outdoors as they can shoot scenes and images from sky-high or even the close-ups. If your special event has something to do with the outdoors then gear yourself for a cinematic video feels. The drones are controlled by the pilot who stays on the ground while the drone travels into dangerous vineyards and terrains. The end results of drone photographer and videographer never disappoints if they are captured by professionals like the Miami-based drone pilot, Alex Press.

Attention Seeker:

The amount of buzz and energy that can be created by the drones can not be compared with anything else. The drones can go into live streaming videos with big screens covering the whole event, gages the audience attention. It gives elite feelings of the event because of high technology coverage and keeps the audience engaged.

Corporate Use:

Many businesses have incorporated the use of drones in their normal work routines as it provides them with convenience through capturing the details of every event and occasion. They even use it for monitoring properties and showcasing the potential customers the close-up and afar details of any site.

Drone and Photo knows how to work the drones to their best use. The Miami drone company has the best photographers and Miami drone pilots to serve you. If you are looking for high-quality professionals then they will definitely be your perfect choice.


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