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5 Reasons Realtors Must Use Video

On this blog I am often pushing video and digital marketing trends but I have never got to the bottom of why videos sell homes until this article. Part psychological, part artistic and part secretive - the video is a powerful tool when created and distributed the right way.

1.Buyers Prefer It

Not only do people retain more information with video than photos or written content, it is actually what they are searching for. This means when a potential buyer is searching through countless homes online, they are more likely to view your listing and with the write video, more likely to take a second action.

2.Get Found on Search Engines

Videos are now all over search results pages on both desktop and mobile and the trend is continuing to blossom. You can be in front of your competition with videos that contain keywords related to your specification, location and search criteria. It is especially beneficial for realtors to have video content because they can rank by location. This means when people search for real estate in your city or neighboring areas, you can be showing up.

3.Attract Customers from Social Media

Video not only is great for search engines it can also bring about new business on several social media platforms that are video focused including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more. Once a video is created it can now be distributed and catch the attention of some of the billions of people on social media and when done consistently can lead to a sales stream. Droneandphoto.com can make video content focused for different social media platforms. Email guru@droneandphoto.com for more info.

4.Attract New Sellers

Video along with attracting potential buyers, also creates new relationships with sellers. When someone is browsing online to see how to price their home or search for a realtor they will come across your beautiful listing video online. After seeing the video they will decide that this is the agent I want to list my home! Listing videos are no longer as expensive as they once were. Droneandphoto.com has listing videos starting at only $250.

5. Beat Your Competition

Less than 20 percent of realtors are using video which leaves a lot of room to capitalize on this market. Buy explaining a few of the tips above to a potential seller, it is an obvious choice why they should choose you as opposed to another realtor. The MLS Exchange allows video as well as Realtor.com and Zillow and not having them is a disservice to your clients. You will sell homes fast for more money using video. You do not have to take my word for it, check out testimonials on our website.


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